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Joomla Maintenance

Why is it important to have a Joomla professional maintain your newly developed site?

The problem of hackers seeking vulnerability and cybercrime is on the rise. This is becoming a constant battle keeping Joomla sites maintained. Hackers do not discriminate; hitting large corporations to the small business Joomla web sites. The issue is not only with Joomla, but all CMS web sites, such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and any PHP based site.

Joomla Maintenance - The Dangers of Managing your own Joomla Site

After initial site development a very small number of our clients choose to manage their own site, which we highly discourage. This can be due to many factors such as; economic reasons, uninformed decisions or the illusion of "wow, I can do this, this is easy"; the dangerous copy and paste mentality. They do not understand the absolute necessity of proper maintenance and blindly move forward with limited to no knowledge, until it is too late, and the site has been hacked. Once your Joomla site has been hacked, the cleanup costs can be expensive and can cost more than the site development in some cases. Google and other sites, will flag your site and domain name as dangerous, and will ruin your online reputation, in some cases permanently. Hacking can take on many forms; Malware, defaced sites, porno and more. If this does happen your site will be blacklisted and flagged in search results as potentially harmful. What type of impression, if not liability would this cause for your business, service or product? What about your businesses reputation? Could you imagine your site visitor visiting your site and have Malware installed on their computer?

Joomla Web Site Investment; Time and Money

Your business web site is an investment not only in money, but time. Your web site is the first impression to the searcher and potential client of your service, product or message you want to convey to the world.

Educate yourself about Joomla

Information and knowledge by far, is the best defense. If you are a novice with plenty of time on their hands, and want to manage your site correctly i4Dezin’s advice is to educate yourself. If you are a professional business owner and most revenue and leads are brought in from the internet, i4Dezin’s advice would be to have a professional company specializing in Joomla, such as i4Dezin manage your Joomla web site for you. Either way you choose, you must educate yourself to make sound decisions if doing business on the internet.


Joomla Maintenance & Hosting

I4Dezin offers our clients at time of delivery a maintenance option at a discounted rate. This discounted rate is only available at time of delivery. The reason this is the case, if the client comes back later, and the web site has been compromised, it will be client’s financial responsibility to either restore, or to completely rebuild their Joomla site.

Joomla Web Site Evaluation & Consultation

I4Dezin offers Joomla web site evaluations for a free on smaller web sites. Contact us today, and we will completely go through your site, and give you the best advice how to proceed. If a rebuild may become necessary, the web site evaluation fees will be deducted from the total cost.