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Custom Joomla Web Design Process

Gather your Information

Gather  Your  Information:  Please keep in mind that i4Dezin does not know anything about your business.  It is up to our client to clearly define their business, products , organization and goals so that i4Dezin has a clear understanding of your web site requirement, target market, customers or web site visitor’s needs.  i4Dezin desires to deliver a Custom Joomla Web Site that will help your online presence increasing sales, exposure and the face of your business or organization on the internet.

The web design process takes much planning and organization for a successful web project (particularly  if this is a new web site design project).   The first and most important part of any new web design project is gathering and planning your new web site  or web site redesign.   In order for us to provide you with a detailed proposal, you need to have a clear outline of the pages you would like to include and your navigation structure; a site map.   (Note:  Web Site Redesigns:   if there is no change to navigation this step will not be required.)
 Regarding Web site redesigns:   i4Dezin will require “user” access to your current site with enough time to evaluate the backend of your web site (articles, components, menus and structures for functionality that may not be visible from the front end).  If you have applied inline styles to articles we need to be made aware, especially on a large project.  If you are not sure of this terminology, please ask.

Site Map

The  Site  Map:  When you request a proposal for a new web site from i4Dezin, we need to have a clear understanding of your web site design structure. A site map would look similar to this:

Main Menu
About Us
         Service 1
        Service 2
        Service 3
            Sub Service 3a
            Sub Service 3b
        Product Category 1
            Product 1
        Product Category 2
Contact Us

i4Dezin needs this information to have a clear understanding of your web site structure for your Main Menu Navigation, drop down menus and fly outs.   i4Dezin will require a complete list of each menu (and   for every page of your web site  or backend User Menus if required).

Target Market

Target Market:     I4Dezin needs to understand your target market:   Who are your customers?   Are you selling a specific Product or Service?  Where?   In order for i4Dezin’s organic SEO services to be the most efficient, we must  understand the product and/or services you are reaching out to with your web site. We need to know what you perceive a web site visitor may type in Google (or another search engine) to find you.   Are you selling eggs in Chicago or  Bacon in Anytown, USA?    From this information we will be able to advise you of the most efficient way to achieve these goals.

Custom Joomla Web Design

Custom Joomla Web Design:  All of our designs are custom.  We will need a high resolution vector logo, if possible.   Joomla web sites can do many things. What would you like your new web site to do?

Custom Joomla Functionality

Custom Joomla Functionality:  Does your business desire a custom Joomla functionality? If you are unable to find a commercial solution, i4Dezin offers custom Joomla functionality – “Hand Coded”  by our development team to your exact specifications. If your web site requires such functionality, we need to know exactly, step by step,  the user interaction you desire (i.e.:  When Joe User Log into the Site, Step one needs to happen. After Step one Joe User is taken here, Step 3 happens).   In other words, we need a step by step clear understanding of the custom Joomla functionality your Joomla web site requires. The beauty of Joomla is that it is highly extendable.  i4Dezin offers custom Joomla Web Development Services.

Submit the Request for Proposal

Submit our Request for Proposal Form:   Once you have clearly defined your target market, organized your information, page text and digital images, please email this form to sales @ i4dezin.com.  Upon receipt and review, the i4Dezin team will contact you timely.    We build all web sites on the most current “Long Term Releases” of Joomla at the time of your agreement.

Web Site Evaluations

Web Site Evaluations:  For larger sites and large site redesigns, proper evaluation and solution suggestions take more time to conduct.    Larger site evaluations typically require an up-front fee which  will be deducted from the total project cost and reflected in your proposal, if applicable. You will be contacted shortly after you submit the RFP if this is applicable in your situation.  This is not required for small new sites or small site redesigns.

Your Contract

Your Contract:  Upon receipt on your contract, please review it carefully and immediately.    We make all best efforts to include every aspect of your project;  however, if there is anything missing, please bring it to our attention immediately so that the contract may be revised.   We follow our contracts carefully and all work will be done to exact specifications in the agreement.

Commencement of Project

Commencement of Project:    Upon receipt of  the signed contract and deposit , you will be provided with a comp (an exact image / exact size of what your web site will look like).  Client will be supplied with the designs in typical desktop resolution.  If we are developing a responsive design and clients would like additional comps reflecting differing device sizes, the client must alert us to this desire during the contractual phase, otherwise additional comps will be extra.  The time to make additional image examples per device can be figured into the contract. This image will show the module placement, features, consistent header and footer as in the reduced example above.  Depending on your budget and contract, you will have a set number of revisions or comps, or page designs. Once you give the final approval on the design, we start development promptly. 

Images & Page Text

Images and Page Text:  If a new design, it is imperative that we receive all required, necessary information within the timeframe specified in the agreement.  We must receive all information in an organized manner via email, with your web site name in subject line and page title specified in your site map; email subject line: MySite.com – Bio page. Please attach any images for this page along with the Word Document or email for each page in the site map if a new design.   Please check spelling -- once the pages are completed, any spelling errors in page text will be fixed at an additional cost.  Any page text sent to i4Dezin should be final.   All quality of web site content is the client’s sole responsibility. We do offer professional writing services if needed, but you must request such.

Site Development

Site Development:  All web sites are built on the i4Dezin server.  Once we have completed development, you will be sent a link to review, and test your new web site. Once we receive final payment, your new site will be migrated to your domain. Larger sites may require the work to be done in Phases. i4Dezin will complete each Phase Milestone and send you links to test and view.


Revisions:  After development, any omissions of work on i4Dezin part will be completed at no cost to you. If you desire any changes to site, text, images, functionality or structure after the site is complete it will be additional and payment must be received before your site is moved from the i4Dezin server.

Go Live!

Now your web site is ready to go live!   We will migrate off our server and submit to Google Webmaster tools if you desire us to do so.

We look forward to working with you and providing you the ultimate Web Site experience!