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The advantages of Joomla for start up businesses

joomla for small businessJoomla is a web site development platform that is highly extendable, and a perfect choice for small to large business and organizations looking to develop a web site with a professional online presence. The main thing a start up business desires, is to get their phone ringing. In the past, the way small business owners would get their businesses found was in the Yellow Pages, or similar print material. These options were expensive and short lived. In today's economy with increasing competitiveness, a web site gives you the most "bang for the buck" and is ongoing. The web site can grow as your company grows.

Custom Joomla Web Design & Redesign

A custom Joomla web site will make your business stand out from the crowd. The internet is full of cheap GoDaddy site tonight, WordPress and do-it-yourself type web sites. Your business web site is the online persona of your business. If you have a cheap, poorly designed site, it is a huge reflection on your business as a whole. i4Dezin.com develops custom Joomla web sites for clients throughout the US. Check out our vast portfolio of Custom Joomla web sites, we have successfully helped many small business grow their businesses for over 6 years. i4Dezin.com also works on web sites for national large nonprofit organizations throughout the United States. We are a US based business.

Custom Joomla Functionality

Some businesses require a functionality that is custom. We have designed many web sites with custom functionality. Some examples are; Private areas of the site, their customers or members of their team can log into to download documents and images not visible to the public.

We have developed many large sites for a non profit and for profit organizations. An example of custom work we can perform for your organization;  private areas of the site where they could easily manage and add new forms, downloads, videos and user profiles. We develop custom Joomla components allowing This component automatically adds the franchises pages, menus, and to the locations page. A site visitor can search by zip code, and it brings up the closest franchise to their area. The possibilities are endless.

SEO - the term and an essential part of the web design process

SEO, means Search Engine Optimization. A properly coded web site will deliver huge results. Without SEO in a web site, the only way a person will ever find your business, is if you either hand them a business card, or give the customer the direct web address. The code is something that cannot be seen from the front side of the web site, so it is imperative when searching for a web designer, you make sure they have this knowledge. They should be asking questions, such as;

What would a person type in to find your business?

What keywords and key phrases best describe your business service or product?

What areas do you want to target?

The main and most important meta tags are;




This, along with a well written web page describing your business, service or product, including the proper tags; H1, H2, and properly worded web pages, will get your business the internet exposure you need.

Custom Joomla Web Design by i4Dezin.com contact us today for an evaluation of your current site, or let us help you get your business the exposure it needs on the web.