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Joomla Landing Pages

Landing pages are the most effective way to drive organic traffic to your site, in search results. Landing pages target a specific area, for a specific service, coded correctly, landing pages are one of the most important tools in the SEO arsenal. Chances are, you discovered this web site through a landing page. In this tough economy, for the local business web site owner, these pages are an imperative part of your internet marketing efforts. As the economy gets worse, site owners must become internet savvy. If your business has a web site offering a service in heavy competition, landing pages are the way to go. In markets where the competition is fierce for a certain service, Google Map results may take up most of the first page of search results. At i4Dezin, even in these very competitive markets, we have done very well for our clients in achieving organic results.

SEO analysis for Joomla web sites

i4Dezin will analyze your competition, and suggest various options for our clients. While we cannot control results in the major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, our many years of internet marketing have given us a clear understanding of realistic goals. We will never promise our clients number one placement, because we do not control Google, but our results are remarkable.

Social Media an imperative tool in the Internet Marketing Arsenal

Other great tools in the internet marketing arsenal are social media. Any business should be using to their advantage the giants of social media. One of the newest tools for business is Google Plus. With the commercial nature of the new Facebook, in our opinion, Google Plus will be taking over where Facebook dropped the ball. Any business large or small should be engaging with their clients and networking on Google Plus, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, as well as many other avenues. In these tough economic times, the competition is fierce, your business will succeed, if you diligently market with some of the internet marketing tips we have shared. It's time to get your game on!