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Custom Joomla Functionality

In the Joomla world there are many commercial extension choices for functionality.  Sometimes an organization’s website needs a custom Joomla functionality that is not available in commercial form from the Joomla.org website or commercial template club sites.  I4Dezin builds custom Joomla functionality in the form of custom components, plugins, modules and templates.  Joomla extensions handle specific functionality, there are 5 different extension types with the component being the most complex.  There are many great extension options available but as each business is different, so are it’s websites needs.  i4Dezin has developed many custom Joomla functionalities for business, non-profits and educational institutions.  If your business or organization is in need of a custom functionality not available in commercial form we can provide a user friendly solution.  Many of our sites have full time employees with limited knowledge working in their sites daily using our custom Joomla functions and features.  Our custom Joomla functionality is well thought out and documented before any work begins.  Clients come to us and explain their needs and we work together to find a solution that suits their organization’s needs.

Custom Joomla Components - Custom Components, Plugins, Modules and Templates

Do you have a need for a functionality that is not available in a commercial Joomla extension?  i4Dezin has provided our clients with custom Joomla components for 6 years.  Custom Joomla components are by far the most complex of the Joomla extensions, but can offer much needed functionality not otherwise available. If your organization's web site is in need of a solution we will listen and advise you on the most user friendly way to achieve the functionality your organization needs.  We work for many large non profits that needed the extended capabilities on their web sites.  Contact us through our Request for Proposal page and we will contact you to discuss your custom Joomla component desires.