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Custom Joomla Components

i4Dezin develops custom Joomla components for those unable to find a solution for their website in the commercial extension area of Joomla.org.  Our Joomla developers have years of experience building custom Joomla components for more advanced Joomla functionality.  Some limited examples of custom Joomla components;  push and pull information from external databases or CSV files, capture user data details for marketing campaigns, allow users to upload content or any functionality your business needs.  The possibilities are endless with Joomla’s flexibility.  

Custom Joomla Component Developers

A custom Joomla component takes detailed planning as to each step the website user will take detailing the flow.  If you can provide i4Dezin with a document outlining exact details and steps of how you desire the system to work, i4Dezin can build a custom Joomla component for your company’s website.  When you have your documentation and plan flow ready, contact i4Dezin from our request for proposal page we will review your information and get in touch with the project contact with a detailed proposal.

Joomla Specialists

The Joomla specialists of i4Dezin specialize only in Joomla development.  The i4Dezin team came together and has been developing Joomla sites together for the past 6 years. Unlike other web design firms offering Joomla and Wordpress, we decided to specialize in only Joomla development.  Each individual in our Joomla development team has been working on Joomla since Joomla version 1.0.  We have grown as Joomla has grown, and have clients throughout the US we have worked with ongoing since we formed i4Dezin.  We are honored to have most of our business from repeat clients and referrals and strive to assist our valued clients with their businesses ongoing Joomla web site needs for years to come.