Advantages of a Custom Joomla Web Site

The advantages of a custom Joomla web site are many. There are many types of Joomla templates available from the major template clubs. i4Dezin designs custom Joomla templates for our clients. Our Custom Joomla Template Web Design Services are available from the client specifications based on branding objectives. The client will be provided with an exact image of what the web site will look like on the desktop showing all modules, text styles and placements. This allows us to provide you with an image of what your web site will look like before it is built and the template created.

Commercial Joomla Templates – Know the difference

Commercial Joomla templates are often chosen by beginners and developers with limited knowledge. There are many drawbacks to the commercial template and template clubs. The main reason is that most of the leaders in commercial templates sell these templates thousands of times. Most use their own modules, components and plugins. The drawback is the hackers also have this knowledge and when vulnerability is found it quickly spreads in the hacking world. Since they all use the same structure they become easy target for the “script kiddies.”. This is a very real risk when using a commercial template from the major template “clubs”. Would you put your organization’s web site at risk to save money?

Custom Responsive Joomla Templates

Whether you are looking for an existing Joomla web site redesign, or a new Joomla web site, i4Dezin offers custom Responsive Joomla web site design using custom templates for our clients. Our custom Responsive Joomla templates are designed per following specifications working on the latest device layouts; Desktop 1400 px layout, Tablet 720 px layout, Smartphone 380 px layouts If your organization is looking for a one of a kind Joomla template and web site, we offer this service. We develop custom graphics, CSS, custom code, a completely custom, "one of a kind" web site. These are extensive projects and require more time, as they are built from the ground up to match your design desires. Our custom Joomla Web sites are tested for cross browser compatibility. When you contract with us, you give us your branding requirements and we will the number of varying designs based upon your specs in the desktop version. Each design shows all the modules, fonts and styling. You then choose and we revise from there giving you the ability to finalize the look and feel of the site before development starts.

Our Company

i4Dezin is here to serve you and work with you to create the web site for your business or organization that will provide you with a powerful web presence, while promoting your unique brand.