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Landing Pages

What are Landing pages? Landing pages, are more than likely the way you found your way to this web site.
Landing Pages, the definition; Landing pages, are web pages (articles) designed to target specific cities, areas and regions with products and services. These landing web pages target specific areas for services and products in the organic placement of returned search results from the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. These pages coded correctly, can dramatically increase exposure in these results, in markets your businesses products and services may not be placing in the major search engines. Landing page development is an essential part of organic local search SEO. i4Dezin offers landing page development and addition, for your Joomla CMS web site.

Landing Page Development for Search Results

Landing Page Development by i4Dezin, Inc offers clients the ability to target specific locations, with specific services and products. We design and develop Joomla web sites. Joomla is a powerful CMS,  Content Management System. These systems allow the client to have hundreds, if not thousands of articles and content. This content can be specifically coded to draw in visitors and potential customers in specific areas searching for specified products and services, and an essential part of organic SEO.

Joomla Landing Page Articles

Sick of paying Google Ad Words? Google Adwords are expensive, and ineffective! The solution;  Landing pages are an essential part of organic SEO for Joomla. i4Dezin specializes in the creation of Joomla landing page articles for organic placement results. If your product or service is not getting the results you desire in search engine placement, such as in Google, Yahoo or Bing, call us today for a consultation. Whether you need 1 to 1,000 pages, we can help your business get the search exposure you need in this tough economy. Call the landing page experts at i4Dezin for the solution.